Dr. Shanita Aaron My Inspriation Book

My Inspiration Book Cover

This activity book is a resource kit for any school classroom or educational setting. The package offers a comprehensive blueprint of Black History Month activities applicable to school, home, and community to go along with the My Inspiration children’s book. Based off of the “Black firsts” theme, the kit includes 28 Black History Facts for daily announcements, 4 school-wide weekly activities, and 4 interactive Bulletin board ideas. It is especially helpful in establishing activities to celebrate Black History Month in your school and community.

My Inspiration Book Cover

This African American children’s book is designed to show children that they can be anything they put their minds to and that inspiration can be found in their own home or community.

Author Dr. Shanita Brown Aaron brings to life the dreams of one child through a classroom assignment. The main character Morgan cannot decide who to report on for her Black History project. As the reader follows Morgan throughout her week, they learn many Black History facts. The knowledge will inspire your child. They will learn nothing is out of their reach and never to rule out any options.

"My Inspiration!" includes an activity for teachers or parents to search within their community for African American success stories. This African American children’s book is the perfect addition to your classroom or home library and is for all children. Children are never too young to be encouraged by role models and the trailblazers who set the stage.

"If ever there was a time in history that we needed a bright spot to remind us of our creative essence, true brilliance, and fortitude to rise to heights of excellence (& beyond, My Inspiration! is that right now book for children, educators, and history makers! As a parent, I look for literary works that are not only culturally representative, but equally engaging and filled with lasting gems of character, imagination, and impact. Dr. Shanita takes readers on that journey with My Inspiration! - a timeless blessing for all readers.
Kimberly Hardy, 1st Grade Parent
Philadelphia, PA

“My favorite part of this book was the way Dr. Aaron connected Morgan's story to real life situations with her own person life connection. The characters are real and what was so impressive for me as the reader was with all the African American options she had to pick from, her true idols were right in front of her. It amazes me how times have changed since I was a child in school and how the components of 21st Century learning for children focuses on the scope of encouraging learning, motivating critical thinking skills for the students and building a connection with learning through real life experiences. This book definitely incorporates all these components and more. Dr. Aaron has written a story that represents and provides an example for all diverse students to learn and use during their in and out of school experiences. The book is engaging, intriguing, inspiring and motivating. I would recommend this book to be shared with parents, students and school districts abroad. I would definitely purchase this book to be added to my collection of children's books in my school library as an elementary school principal. It creates an avenue for students to think. Thinking is the beginning to the end!”
Kathy S. Pace, M.Ed.
Principal - Hancock Elementary School
Sandusky, OH

My Inspiration! is a delightful read-aloud book to introduce Black History Month to your class or children. It’s a great book to use when building lessons and units around Black historical figures, biographies, and civic leadership. Dr. Aaron introduces numerous historical and contemporary Black history makers through her storytelling in a way that is easy for my upper elementary students to understand. There are several points throughout the book to pause for higher-order thinking discussions- especially around local Black history makers.
Kacie Ryan, 3rd Grade Teacher
Gig Harbor Academy, Gig Harbor, WA

“This is an excellent book for the positive socio/emotional health of children of color in today’s time of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Children of color can feel proud of their heritage while learning/exploring unknown people who have made contributions to this world. Great read for the young and old”.
Kelley Daye-Barton, School Counselor
Reading School District, Reading, PA